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The Secret Studio Catalog Volume 1:
Selected Singles


Curt and Lee:

Top Ten  3MB     
Do You Have Your Papers   46MB 
Don't Tase Me, Bro

Lee Altman:

Beautiful and Sad  

The Ari Group:

Billiards Playin' Man  23MB

Three Chord Rock! (Alternate Mix)     28MB


Feelings 56MB

new   by Lee
First true solo work in 25 years/a year in the garage. 

Curtis said, "I want a part of that!" and we are almost done with: new   by Lee (feat.Curtis)
Many of the original trax, remixed trax, and several brand new tunes are included in the new new project.
The video for the re-recorded title track is available on YouTube, now!!!!

01  new   click for video tour of the garage!! (feat. Curtis)!!!

02  Artificial Band

03  baby wipes

04  Stupid Beat Jam   Download .wav

05  The Maproom   Download .wav

06  big boy wipes

07  Shema!    click 4 rockin prayer inspirational video

08  Still in the Game  click 4 free .wav download

09  ebb and flow click 4 pretty video

10  starfleet academy online dot com dot com  vid!!

11  next ex

12  big girl wipes

13  With No Past

14  555

15  Hemp Farm intro

16  Hemp Farm remix 2015  click 4 gr8 party video!!

Banned in Babalonia
The Original Garage Classic by The Ari Group (1992)

Complete Album .wav (412MB click-save-unzip)  MP3 (76MB click-save-unzip)
cover art
Track 1: Intro  wav   MP3
Track 2: Babalonia  wav   MP3

Track 3: Information Age  wav  
Track 4: Revolution/Evolution  wav   MP3
Track 5: Somewhere Out There  wav   MP3
Track 6: Where Did Our Love Go Wrong rock  wav   MP3
Track 7: Halftime  wav   MP3
Track 8: We Are the Ones  wav   MP3
Track 9: Bathe in the Sea  wav   MP3
Track 10: Word of God/Take a Trip  wav   MP3
Track 11:  Wedding Theme  wav   MP3
Track 12: Black and White  wav   MP3

Curtis on Acid
excellent instrumental soundtrack and rock

Curtis on Acid Complete Album w/cover art 
.wav (380MB click-save-unzip)
MP3 (380MB click-save-unzip)
cover art


Curt and Lee The Best Little Garage Band in History 
The original 1999 classic rock release

SSCF© Free Legal Downloads!!!

TBLGBIH Full Album .wav Click-Save-Unzip   432MB

TBLGBIH Full Album MP3s Click-Save-Unzip

TBLGBIH Album Cover and Credits.jpg  .7MB


The Magic Sneaker.wav

The Truth.wav

Tribal Dance.wav

Uncle Lee Night Night Stories

A Children's Audiobook
A Worthy Follow up to Night Night Music

Uncle Lee's Night Night Stories .wav 350MB

Uncle Lee's Night Night Stories .mp3 68MB

PODCAST Fun Car Songs .mp3 33MB

Uncle Lee: Night Night Music ; 
Recorded Live at a Barnes and Noble in NJ, 1994

Wonderful New Age Piano for children and adults of all ages.  Even with the imperfections in the original recording and the minor mistakes in the live performance, this largely improvised set is some of the nicest music I ever recorded.

Our instrumental version of Imagine, by John Lennon, is finally available for free legal download!  We are actually paying the royalties so you can add the complete project to your collection.

Imagine, (J.Lennon) 29MB

Uncle_Lee_Night_Night_Music.wav zip 424MB

Uncle_Lee_Night_Night_Music.mp3 zip 82MB

NNM Album Cover and Art.jpg .5MB

Celtic Thing


Improv EbMaj

Fifths II

Lee's Den of Iniquities
crappy old demos of great songs

Lee's Den of Iniquities.wav  406MB complete album

Lee's Den of Iniquities.MP3  75MB complete album

Lee's Den of Iniquities Album cover and art
Saturday Night at the Movies
1979 Kathmandu, my High School Band
    SS#001 !  Guitar, piano, drums, and bass with classic production. 
While You're out Playin'
EP, drum machine, and vocals on the 4-track
    late 80's solo demo from the "sketchpad" period     

The Second War 
EP, synth, vocals, and Murph's drums on the 4-track
early 80's danceable techno-rock, remember the Cold War?

Please check back for new releases from our archives.