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Secret anymore...

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The Ari Project

Besides all of the content that we are producing and releasing, this is also our business strategy.  It has always been our goal for something to go viral and for a larger audience to find all of this interesting stuff once it does.  We have expanded our Facebook audience dramatically, built our YouTube channel, pumped our MediaFire hosting for our free downloads, we are over 33k downloads as of this update.  We are also promoting Curtis' studio and rehearsal facility, AudioTopiA.  We are preparing to sign additional artists and continue to push forward with all 10 "Chapters" of this project.

Friend or follow the fictitious Corporate Overlord
(and our drummer) for unique political content

Ari for President  The joke is that he's serious!
support our campaign with a PayPal contribution!!

The Ari Group  The new album is being written and recorded

9/21/2019 It Began......


  Ari is freed on his Facebook feed to be himself, not just an alias for Lee.  He explains the Corporate Overlords and the Poker Game of Power.




  Ari 2020, The Presidential Campaign, Announcement and Issues


  The Missing TRAX Project, releases from the catalog.

  These selected singles will be released as a 4 Album set!

Ari discussed creative and business issues as an artist as we pushed 1000's of free downloads to our fans.


The Presidential Campaign engages in the war on stupidity and conspiracies. Sorry that we had to take this detour.


  Broadcasting Live, under development!  This was the plan BEFORE these times. Pending Lee tuning the family piano he got last fall and improved vid production capabilities.  Somehow very prescient.