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Serious Music Business Experts, Still an indie label for fun

ABOUT Secret Studio®
From the virtual desk of founder, artist, and managing partner, Lee Altman:

Secret Studio® was originally founded in 1989. 

Yes, Secret Studio® began as an independent label for my hobby as an independent recording artist.  Perhaps taking it too seriously, I applied my expertise in contracts, social media, and intellectual property to become a full publishing company and successful entrepreneur.  But after 20+ years as a consultant, top performing salesman, and software expert (my Day Job), I use my company as a corporate vessel, delivering my services as a business development consultant.  Using an initial assessment, I review the entire sales process in order to deliver targeted recommendations to my clients.  Focusing on small and mid-sized businesses, my least best solutions improve marketing, sales and internal management without disrupting what organizations already do well.  Please refer to my consulting page for more information.

As a publishing company, I began as an "underground" concept.  We now represent a comprehensive set of capabilities, services, and a catalog of intellectual property designed for use in our technology driven media environment.   We started by protecting the sound recordings of my bands and my collaborators; but now, we are so much more. On our site you can read about our IP Management Service for content creators and artists, consulting for your development requirements, traditional BMI licensing, and as always, enjoy legal free downloads of music from our artists. In order to do this, we have spent years and invested over $20k re-inventing the "recording contract." 

For Indie Musicians, Secret Studio®, LLC can sign original artist sound recordings to The Secret Studio® Catalog.  Our Intellectual Property Management Service uses an innovative legal model, keeps the artist in charge, protects their property, and prepares it for commercial licensing.  It is the same agreement I signed for my own works.  A complete, protected product will give you an edge with the producers, A&R people, and labels you hope to impress and will help you leverage your social networking and fan base.  We can also license our model and contracts for indie publishers to use and use properly.

For New Media projects: In addition to pursuing traditional music industry opportunities for our artists, our extensive catalog of over 400 works is an unmatched resource for teams that are developing apps, games, and web content.  As a consultant, I can provide "guru-level" services based on more than 20 years as an independent producer and a career in software and sales.

As we watch the record companies struggle and the digital world rise, Secret Studio
® is already positioned as an innovator, well ahead of the curve, with insight into where music is going in the Information Age.  The market has finally caught up with my vision of a digital age label.   Secret Studio® is designed for what indie artists actually do and to serve the producers of old and new media with content, consulting, and contracts that will reset your expectations.

Lee Altman