We're not a
Secret anymore...

Independent Label / Marketing / IP Management
Serious Music Business Experts, Still an indie label for fun


PUBLISHING and IP SERVICES: YES! We are still an Indie Label for New Media!

Publishing Administration or Startup   Assign Original Sound Recordings for a 20% Share and a $500 administration fee. Includes initial consulting.  Be a "signed" artist and part of our catalog.

Licensing   Music and digital art for use in traditional and new media projects with either BMI or fee for use contracts  

Now Available for Android!!!

Enjoy Music from our artists Featuring SSCF© Free Legal Downloads:
single  Imagine (J. Lennon)  29MB Acoustic Piano .wav
single  Boogers Naughty Funny Barbershop 12MB .wav

the original 1992 garage classic:
ALBUM  The Ari Group's Banned in Babalonia (click-save-unzip 412MB)  w/liner notes and art

NEW!: new by Lee, (feat. Curtis)  With No Past

  Secret Studio delivers publishing and IP consulting services.    We can also engage in media projects, developing solutions for games, advertising, and websites.

BUY Our Digital Art and Photography as High Quality Prints at Fine Art America:
Lee's Gallery